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Ashes of the Earth: A Mystery of Post-Apocalyptic America - Eliot Pattison A good story, if a little hard to swallow, but really, we've read this before.

If you want to read about a man unfairly convicted and sentenced to hard labour for political differences with the ruling elite, then set "free" to investigate crimes against the same people who jailed him in the first place, while all along he's sympathizing with the downtrodden people cast out of his peoples' paradise, read The Skull Mantra and it's sequels. The only real difference here is that we are in a post-apocalyptic America, rather than a post-invasion Tibet.

On top of the fact that Pattison is reusing old plots, there's the whole issue of how — only a generation after the war that's blasted America back to the early Industrial age — two communities a hundred miles or so apart can find the resources for one to be able to invade the other.