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Woken Furies - Richard K. Morgan Much better than the second book in the series, Broken Angels, and almost as good as the first.

In the first book, Takeshi Kovacs is a disillusioned ex-military killing machine, practically forced into a life of crime because no other avenues of employment exist once he's left the military. He's given a chance to redeem himself in a largely legitimate job as a private investigator, and it seems he might be able to find himself a niche.

In the second book, he's back to the military as a mercenary - whatever happened to the disillusionment? What happened to him after the end of the previous story? We never find the answer to either question (though there's a small hint in this book), and it's frustrating that the reader is introduced to one Takeshi Kovacs in the first story, and then a seemingly different one in the second.

In this last book in the series, Kovacs hits rock-bottom, but at least this time we're told the source of his anger (the Real death of his former lover and her daughter). Kovacs puts his powers to Good (or at least, as reasonable an approximation as he's capable of!) and ultimately there isn't reformation or redemption - after all, could the reader possibly believe it's that simple for a man like Kovacs - but there's the promise of the possibility of redemption.