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The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss Well, I'm completely astonished with the people who have trashed this book. Sure, it covers similar ground to [b:The Name of the Wind|186074|The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)|Patrick Rothfuss|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1270352123s/186074.jpg|2502879], but that's because he never finished that story. Surely, if you didn't want to read to the end, you wouldn't pick up the continuation?

If, as at least one reviewer claimed, Kvothe spent 65 pages having sex with a "freakin' hot sex fairy", shouldn't there have been more sex? While said reviewer was seeing sex, I was reading about the Fae, their realm, and how it interacts with ours.

Kvothe is, by any definition, a "hero". We're being told how he came to be a hero, and it necessarily requires heroic acts.

I toyed with rating it a little lower, because I agree with the previously mentioned reviewer that Rothfuss is toying with his readers - but not in the same way he thinks. I couldn't care less that Kvothe won't tell us what happened when he was tried under the iron law, or about his shipwreck. What I really dislike is the way Rothfuss holds out on the details that he himself obviously thinks are important: who is Bast? Why is he dedicated to Kvothe (even knowing what "Reshi" meant might help)? Why does a man who has supposedly dedicated himself to the destruction of the Chandrian live as an innkeeper, "waiting to die"? But in the end, I finished very nearly 1000 pages in 4 days, and that says it all. Not as fast as I can read, but as fast as I ever want to read a really good book!