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Qualia - Marie Browne First things, first: If you belong to any of the Abrahamic religions, this book is seriously heretical. Please, demand that it be banned: there's nothing quite like a good book banning to drive up interest in a book!

I was pointed to this book by one of my GoodReads friends, who was admittedly trying to drum up interest in his friend's book, but it was well worth the time.

Set in the context of the eternal war between God and Satan, this is a humorous (though not outright comedic) romp through the seven (well, now only four, but that's another story) levels of Hell. Along the way, we learn that not all Angels are good, not all Demons are evil, Lucifer may be really bad-ass - but so is God when she has to be.

The astute reader will no doubt figure out who our hero Joe is, long before Joe does himself, but Joe is deep in denial. It takes the impending apocalypse to start him questioning his role in Creation, the purposes of Angels, Demons, and even neighbors.

Biblical purists will be annoyed at an Archangel's use of the colloquial "Revelations" to refer to what they like to call The Book of Revelation, but, hey, they won't be reading this book anyway!

I always considered myself a biblically knowledgeable person, but I had to resort to Wikipedia to check some of Marie Browne's mythologic references, and I've got to say she knows her stuff.