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Blood of Kings - Billy Wong

I'm a sucker for anything Arthurian, so I had to check this out. It's a neat premise: Arthur and Morgan le Fay have a child — as they do in many versions of the story — but it's not Modred, it's Mildred!

Unfortunately, the story can't decide whether it's going to be satirical, á la [book:The Dragon and the George] or serious. At some times it's downright fluffy, at others it's deadly serious.

And the continuity problems! "I've never seen any evidence of him using magic, except perhaps to enter our sanctuary" says the faery, Laerin, of the evil knight. Well, of course not! He's already told us he's never seen him before. Merlin starts acting oddly, and while people notice, they don't even discuss it, let alone do anything about it. Then the same happens with Morgan. And after making Nimue a major character, she just disappears after just one in a series of defeats.

So, three stars because it is a good tale, and Arthur has been done a million times but Wong's actually found a fresh approach, but it could be a much better story with better editing.