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Gravity Wells: Speculative Fiction Stories

Gravity Wells: Speculative Fiction Stories - James Alan Gardner I'm not even sure how this came to be on my to-read list. Possibly the last holdover from an attempt to read all the Canadian SF writers I'd never heard of.

It's seriously hampered by the fact that I'm not very fond of short stories, but "The Children of Crèche" is frighteningly believable. "The Last Day of the War, with Parrots" is thought-provoking, chilling, and somewhat depressing. "Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream" is just plain brilliant - managing to skewer religious intolerance, creationism and McCarthyism in about 10 pages.

And on top of that - I realize I know the author from my university days, and too many days hanging around the WATSFIC office.