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The Chimera Vector

The Chimera Vector - Nathan M. Farrugia
I'm not going to rate this book.

It may not be a bad book, but it's certainly not a book for me. TMI ... and TMDB.

TMDB: Too many dead bodies. At the start of this book, there are three characters. By the time I gave up, we'd been introduced to at least a couple of new people per page, and all but one of them were dead. This is probably sheer prejudice on my part — I'll happily read fantasy novels with barbarians slaughtering just as many people, even more messily, but for some reason I expect "civilized" people to be more careful.

"Too much information" may be mostly my lack of interest in military hardware. I don't need to know the make and model number of every single item we come across. Still, there are obviously a large number of readers who like that sort of thing, or Dan Brown wouldn't be a best-selling author (I don't read Dan Brown, even though his themes are far more interesting to me).

However, there are times that it must be too much information for anybody. Did we really need to know that the assassin's sniper rifle was a "Steyr HS" three times on one page? Or "... an anti-traction material: probably something like one part slurry of emulsion and polymer particles, twenty parts water." What? A "slurry" is a mixture of insoluble material in liquid. An "emulsion" is a mixture of insoluble material suspended in liquid. The polymer would be the insoluble material, but that sentence is redundantly redundant, and I wonder why I would even care that it's a 20:1 mixture, anyway.