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Clan of the Cats (Horseclans 18)

The Clan of the Cats - Robert   Adams
This last book in the Horseclans series was published a year and a half before the author's death, but finished so abruptly that I wonder if he stopped writing due to illness (he was only 56 at the time of his death). In the second last chapter, a man introduces himself to one of the characters and invites him to dinner — and that's the last we hear of either of them! The alternative is that I'm missing a lot of pages...

Beyond that, Adams has a bad habit of having his characters — particularly Milo Morai, the chief protagonist of the majority of the Horseclans novels — digress into long monologues, often unrelated to the storyline and getting into long rants about current-ish American right-wing politics. Things suddenly went all meta when, as I skimmed over one of them Morai, opined: “And God knows, the religious and quasi-religious flakes had as many causes over the years as the left-liberal flakes, the right-wing radicals or any of the rest of the lunatic fringe. After a short while, a reader got to recognize the telltale catchwords and phrases that indicated ‘this was written by or for a bunch of flakes’ and most of us would just glance briefly over the patent claptrap or skip it entirely.” 

Thank for that, but couldn't we just have skipped the patent claptrap?