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Sick (Project Eden, #1) - Brett Battles,  Blake Crouch Do you believe in conspiracy theories? If you don't yet, you will by the time you finish this book!

Initially, I was a little put off by the technical details of the book (not the story, which is fabulous, but the editing). The editing left a little to be desired: too many adverbs, and use of Americanisms like "gotten" that, while perfectly correct in American English, and to be expected in conversation, are typically removed by editors so that it won't grate on a non-American reader's inner ear.

However, just a few pages in I stopped noticing. This is a story that picks you up by the throat and shakes you. It's not a matter of whether you put it down - it won't let you until it's finished with you!

Captain Daniel Ash wakes, in the middle of the night, to find his wife dead and his daughter ill. Not much later, he's told both his children are dead - and the roller coaster ride of revenge and redemption begins. I don't even have children, and yet I felt the emotion of hearing my family is dead: the loss, the denial, the anger. Who's made them sick? Why? Someone is out to get them - and you! Unlike the biblical End times, if you aren't already on the list of the saved, you never will be.