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Winter's Tale - Mark Helprin A beautifully written book that goes nowhere.

I finally gave up on this at the halfway point. I never quit on a book, and I'm afraid I have to blame GoodReads for giving up on this one - since I found GR I have more books than I can handle on my list!

The story centres on a number of characters in New York City, in the first half of the twentieth century, but of course it's not quite New York as we know it. One character, Hardesty Marratta, is guided to New York in his search for a perfectly just city. Well, neither the New York that we know, or the one of Winter's Tale, is a "just city", and nowhere in the first half of the book do we get even a suggestion of how it's going to become one (though at least two characters seem to have had visions of it). In fact, it's stated more than once that the poor and the downtrodden are serving a higher purpose. Yuk.

After page 349, I gave up and skipped to the epilogue. I guess they find it, but I no longer care. Having read, and loved, Memoir from Antproof Case, I was totally disappointed by this - even though the fantastic, magical/realist nature of this tale is far more to my usual taste in reading. I can only hope that the fact that this book was written 13 years earlier than Antproof Case means that it failed only because he needed more practice.