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Cast in Courtlight  - Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West I was a little trepidacious when I read Sagara's [I hate that she's filed under somebody else's name!] own comment that the book had intended to focus on the Barrani court but had ended up investigating the relationship between Kaylin and Severn. "Ack! Another YA romance!" Fortunately, it didn't really turn out that way. It didn't turn out that way to such an extent that I can't figure out why the author felt she had to mention it...

While I'm not thrilled by Sagara's writing, I am thrilled by the story. I love the mix of fantasy and mystery. Given that they're two of the three main genres that I read, it's a natural fit for me. I enjoy the views of the different races, and their politics (of which we see much, despite Kaylins professed dislike of politics), and hope to see more of the other races as the series continues.