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Riddley Walker - Russell Hoban A very odd book, in almost every way. Surprisingly, I didn't find the fractured English (changed grammar and spellings intended to demonstrate the way language might change over a thousand or more years) to be a serious impediment. If anything, it forced me to actually pay more attention to the whole story, and I will remember this book long after I've forgotten many an easier read.

Still, it's just a gimmick. When you get right down to it, nothing much happens. We have a world destroyed by nuclear war; a post-apocalyptic populace slowly moving from a hunter-gatherer society to a farming one; and power-hungry men trying to recapture the glories of old. But the powerful are trying to regain the knowledge of atomic energy without going through coal and steam first (they don't appear to be even smelting their own iron, just reclaiming old stuff from dumps). It's doomed to fail, and at the end of the book nothing has changed.