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March Upcountry  - David Weber, John Ringo Not my favourite Weber. The story of a crack military unit being stranded on a hostile planet and fighting their way across a continent to rescue has been done before, and better, in many books, of which his sometime collaborator David Drake's Redliners is, in my opinion, the best.

In addition, I really dislike the whole "interstellar empire" subgenre. I can't imagine a scenario in which interstellar civilization, even with faster-than-light travel, can work with hereditary nobility - and if it could, I don't want to live in that civilization. To cap it off, the "bad guys" in this universe are "eco-freaks". They're even less likely to be able to run a galactic civilization. Give me a break!

The primitive inhabitants of the planet Marduk are about as inhuman as a species could be (gigantic, six-limbed, amphibians, with wicked horns) while still eating food edible by humans, and yet from page to page you could easily forget they're not human - because they act just like humans.