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The Last Good Man - A.J. Kazinski, Tiina Nunnally I feel so totally betrayed by this book that I don't even care if this is a spoiler. I was led to believe, by my library, my wife, and the Danish Crime Academy (who gave it a "first book award - that seems a little unreasonable given that it's merely the first collaboration by a pair of authors using A.J. Kazinski as their pseudonym) that this was a mystery. It turns out to be a fantasy in the Dan Brown style - but with far less of the thriller to it.

If somebody had really been out to kill the 36 righteous men, I'd be good with that. But if God creates 36 righteous men, and then routinely kills all but one, then (a) that's sick, and (b) doesn't God actually do things for a reason?

That's three days of book-reading wasted.