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Wolf And Iron - Gordon R. Dickson Post-apocalyptic, Man & Dog (well, wolf), Gordie Dickson: what's not to love!

It's years since I read this, but it had a profound effect on me, and I really want to find a copy.


Edit: I got hold of a copy.

I'm fascinated by the depth of research that went into the Man/Wolf relationship (somewhat forced on him by his wolf researcher, Dr. Harry Frank, who wouldn't let him get away with anything!) but perplexed how at times he gets even the simplest things wrong. For the second time in a week (the first author who did it was forgettable and forgotten), I read how it was important to stay "upwind" of a predator so that it couldn't smell you. No, you stay "downwind": just as water flows from "upstream" to "downstream", air flows from "upwind". And speaking of "upstream", when Jeebee follows a stream uphill, and finds himself at a branch where two streams flow downhill, how can he possibly even have to investigate to know that one of those streams is man-made? Honestly, Gordie, it can't happen in nature.

That said, I loved the book when I first read it, and I still do on re-reading. The ending doesn't actually make much sense to me, but the journey does, and I love the interaction of man and wolf.