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In the Woods  - Tana French I feel totally betrayed by this book, so be warned that I don't care if spoilers follow...

And if you think [b:Catcher in the Rye|5107|The Catcher in the Rye|J.D. Salinger|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349928703s/5107.jpg|3036731] had any redeeming features, you may not quite agree with me...

For 300 pages, I loved the story. We have two murder investigations, 20 years apart, that may have a connection, a cast of likable characters, and a good, workable plot.

Then the two lead characters sleep together, and he turns into Holden Caulfield: a complete self-absorbed jerk.

I know real people are like that, and it happens all the time - but why on earth would anybody want to read about them? You don't have to have happy endings, but I feel my time is wasted when nobody even tries to reach one.

Three thumbs down.