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Clockwork Angels - Kevin J. Anderson, Neil Peart I'm really torn about this.

I had an argument in the summer about Kevin Anderson's credentials as an author. I think he's technically a pretty good writer, but I'm still not sure he's any good at ideas - after all, a lot of his best selling stuff is actually [a:Frank Herbert|58|Frank Herbert|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1168661521p2/58.jpg]'s ideas. So, anyway, I expected this should be pretty good, as the ideas are [a:Neil Peart|74340|Neil Peart|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1225553441p2/74340.jpg]'s.

And Neil Peart is one-third of the last of the great prog-rock bands, "Rush" (are there any prog-rock bands left in their original lineups?). Neil says he's been a member of Rush for 38 years, so I guess that means I have been a fan since they were founded... sigh. I thought they were older than me.

I was disappointed to find that it was all very Young Adult - which is becoming a laughable stereotype when we deal with Steampunk. But then, when your central theme is the lyrics to 66 minutes worth of album (which necessarily has to involve considerable time given to instrumental solos), how deep can you really go?

Still, I appreciate the ending. And Peart's afterword is almost worth the price of admission.