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An interesting plot, with a few issues.

There's too much exposition — when I first received a copy for review, I was warned there might be formatting issues, as the epub version hadn't yet been vetted, and there were. So, the table of contents was wrong, and it led me straight into the second chapter. Once I'd fixed up the TOC and started again at the beginning, I realized that most of the first chapter was needless detail that I could figure out from context later: like what is a "dome", or even what is the "Mind drive". 

Naturally, this background stopped being much of an issue as the book went on, having already been explained, but it would have been easier to get into the story if most of this was omitted, or at least left until the reader needed to know about it.

I had a major issue with the street kid turned programmer, who also turns out to be a katana wielding helicopter pilot. Sorry, just not believable. And on the subject - Adam strapped that katana to his back and hid it under his jacket, then didn't want to sit down in case the lines of the sword showed. Unless you're tall enough for the NBA you wouldn't even get a katana under your jacket, and you certainly couldn't think of sitting down in a subway car while wearing one.

Four stars for the story, -1 for execution.